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For Your Health: Do's and Dont's for the 2020 Holiday Season

It's that time of year again. Flu season is upon us and the Holidays are right around the corner. With COVID-19 cases on the rise, we understand that celebrating the Holidays this year may produce a bit more stress than usual. Though we want everyone to have a fun and loving holiday season, your family's health is our number one priority. To help ease some of the stress and keep everyone safe, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for this Holiday season, guided by the CDC:


- Promote social distancing by arranging tables and chairs accordingly (People from the same household do not need to be six feet apart from each other, just from other families)
- Get your flu shot before any gatherings (Contact our office to schedule an appointment)
- Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces
- Prioritize outdoor activities
- Check state restrictions if you plan to travel
- Keep in contact with loved ones who are not able to attend celebrations through phone or video calls.


- Attend gatherings if you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days or are showing COVID-19 symptoms
- Share food or drinks with others
- Engage in close contact greetings, instead offer waves and verbal greetings
- Forget your mask! (for when social distancing becomes challenging)

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

Marcella Arcabascio, BSN, RN Marcella is a nurse manager at MD1CARE Gold Pediatrics. She grew up in Bayside, NY and completed her nursing studies at Adelphi University. She has been involved in various Queens-based community organizations for the past several years. Her passion to get involved in bettering people's lives led her into a career in healthcare. Outside of her nursing profession, she loves to read, listen to music, and teaches/ practices martial arts (JKD and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

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