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It's finals week: Help your child by doing little to nothing.

If you live in any of the boroughs in New York City, chances are your child will have final exams in the coming days or weeks. And if you're aware of this nerve-racking event, chances are you're trying to figure out how to help get your child exam-ready.

May 31st, 2019
Teen depression is not child's play

We often see children and adolescents in a different light when it comes to anxiety and depression. When can you tell depression from a "phase"? Parents and even health professionals often find it confusing or difficult at the onset.

May 20th, 2019
Reading to your child: How early is early?

Both the scientific community and even our grandparents will tell us that reading to a child helps with development - specifically brain development. But how early is early to start reading? What are the significant results of such efforts?

May 13th, 2019
Achoo!  Spring is in the Air.

The long anticipated winter thaw is just around the corner, and we will soon see sprigs of beautiful flowers and blooming buds across trees and fields in Queens.  We will soon see bright green leaves and colorful flowers pop up everywhere, from Forest Park

Apr 1st, 2019