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5 2 1 0. Mark this code for healthier living.

5210 with Gold Pediatrics

Nowadays with the hustle and bustle life it has become exceedingly difficult to remember how to keep our children healthy. And the overwhelming amount of parenting advice on the internet certainly doesn't help.

Are they eating enough fruits and vegetables?

Are they exercising enough?

So here is a simple code that combines all the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education: 5210

5: Children and adolescents are recommended to eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

It may be difficult to encourage healthy eating when children tend to be picky eaters, but there are now various of tasty recipes to make fruits and vegetables more enjoyable. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables for nutrition and growth. And don’t cheat by substituting fruit juice for real fruits. 

2: Children and adolescents should keep their recreational screen time at 2 hours or below.

That means all their combined time playing computer games, watching TV, using their cellphone, essentially anything with a screen, should be below 2 hours. This method will limit a child’s inactiveness in a day and decrease unrealistic media influences. 

1: Children and adolescents should spend 1 hour a day doing physical activities.

Now this doesn’t mean give your child a 1 hour workout regime. But it does mean to encourage them to bike around with their friends, run around the playground, try out that sport their curious about. These activities will strengthen their lungs, heart and muscles; it also has the added benefit of being fun and healthy activities for children!

0: Children and adolescents should consume, ideally, NO sugary drinks and juices.

Drinks like apple juice, soda and sports drinks, may be “yummy” but in reality they provide essentially no nutritional benefit and increase chances of obesity. And developing the habit of only drinking water when they are young is essential to how their nutritional habits will be when they’re older.

So there it is, a simple code with four easy steps that will make your life immensely easier when caring for your children. 

Adriane Kong Staff writer

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