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NYC Halloween 2019 will be soggy, but...

Rainy, dark Halloween!

The Halloween weather forecast is not very encouraging for outdoor trick or treating on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Rain is expected to play a trick on our cute costumed ghouls, goblins and superheroes. And let's not forget our teenagers who usually don their favorite celebrity and/or movie characters!

Rain, wind and puddles under the cover of darkness can be hazardous to our trick-or-treaters and their chaperones. Visibility should be given more emphasis since inclement weather causes hazardous road conditions for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Here are some safety reminders from the NYPD and MD1CARE:

If you must carry an umbrella, feel free to decorate it and even dangle bright, reflective tape or portable LED lights! Be creative.

Some malls (QCM, Green Acres and Roosevelt Field Malls) will welcome trick-or-treaters during designated times. When entering store fronts, please respect their "house rules" including entering without the soggy or muddy shoes and umbrellas. I am sure many will make efforts to allow a happy exchange of treats without compromising safety and happy faces.

Plan your day tomorrow with the forecasted weather in mind. And if you are welcoming our young trick-or-treaters, prepare to receive wet goblins! Your treats should put a smile on their faces!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Marigold Castillo, M.D. Dr. Marigold "Dr. Gold" Castillo is a board-certified physician specialist practicing in Bayside, New York. She is an assistant professor of Pediatrics at Zucker School of Medicine of Hofstra/ Northwell. She focuses on personalized care in general pediatrics and adolescent medicine.

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