Everyone Deserves To Feel Comfortable in their Own Skin

So, what is Body Image? 

Body image is how one perceives their own physical body. One’s body image can be positive or negative. This perception of one’s body is important in adolescent years as it can reflect their self-confidence or self-worth.

In today’s world of social media, there are many images promoting the conventional beauty standards, which can lead to unrealistic expectations for one’s own body. Hence, it is important now more than ever to promote and define body positivity. 

Contrary to common misconceptions body positivity isn’t “promoting obesity or laziness,” rather it is accepting the body one has, and understanding that it will change in size and shape. Loving and appreciating one’s body for the beauty it possesses, as opposed to comparing it with the body standards that have been provided by the media. 

Body Positivity is ‒

That being said, everyone has features about their bodies that they dislike and that’s okay. Body positivity is not about romanticizing every aspect of yourself. It is about knowing that you are not a lesser person because of your flaws, and having confidence in who you are. 

Berating someone or yourself due to their “imperfections” is counterproductive. Degrading people in such manner leads to detriments in mental health and feelings of helplessness and despair, which can cause spiralling into unhealthy behaviors. There are studies that prove, in caring and appreciating about one’s body and well-being, people will take the initiative regarding their own health. 

We understand that growing up in today’s age, teens are constantly being overwhelmed by images of perfection, making it difficult to follow the precedent I’ve written above. But it is important to understand that support and encouragement will bring you farther than judgement and hate ever will.

Adriane Kong Staff writer

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